Billboards are being touted as a potential revenue source for the City of Fall River.

During a press conference on Thursday Mayor Jasiel Correia told NBC10 that he wants to place billboards on city property in the hopes of generating more funds for the city.

“You already see billboards. You already see a ton of billboards. There’s no reason why the city should not explore the possibilities,” said Correia.

Correia said that with the city's along a high traffic area, it's an ideal place to raise revenue through advertising.

“There are so many billboards,” said Correia “we’ve all passed them along the highway. You can see the highway out the window here on the way to Providence, and we haven’t been a beneficiary of any of that revenue.”

Correia said he believes there are at least four sites that could be utilized for billboard advertising and said they will only be located in commercial areas.

The mayor said the city will get 75 percent of the revenue with Edward O’ Sullivan of Capital Associates saying the city will be well protected.

"To be very frank, the mayor is soft shoeing it when he says that the city is protected,” said O'Sullivan “the city is lock-step protected.”

Any potential signs must be approved by a state board.