Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, the RINO in-chief who resigned from office halfway through his second term, is toying with the idea of running for president. Weld could offer a primary challenge to Donald Trump as a Republican or he could muck things up for everyone by running as a Libertarian.

Bill Weld never really struck me as a serious guy. He seemed to get bored pretty easily and could never quite figure what he wanted to be when he grew up. He served as the head of the Department of Justice Criminal Division from 1986 to 1988 before resigning. He resigned the governorship in 1997. He ran for U.S. Senate against John Kerry (D-Mass.) and for vice president on the Libertarian ticket with Gary Johnson.

Again, Weld never really struck me as a serious guy; more of an egotist than anything else. Another Mitt Romney type. Like Romney, I sense Weld feels an entitlement to power.

Unlike Romney, Weld is a proponent of abortion and fought hard to pass gun control legislation in Massachusetts. He was an early backer of gay marriage and a proponent of legalizing marijuana possession.

Weld, a never-Trumper, is moderate by today's standards but struck me as quite liberal when he served as governor. I certainly welcome anyone to participate in the system but Weld has never been my cup of tea. At 73, I'm not sure he is seriously considering a bid or just looking to stroke his ego. I suspect it's the latter.

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