Are name brand products shrinking? Big brands are using new packaging to shrink their contents while continuing to charge you with the same prices as before. Do you feel a little cheated, perhaps?

Labeling a product 'new and improved' usually is a dead ringer that the product has been downsized. Next trip you take to the supermarket, look closely at how some of your favorite products just got smaller for the same  price!

Notice your Chobani Greek Yogurt is smaller by a half ounce. Scott Tissues have 12 fewer tissues! There were about 48 less chocolate chips in Ghirardelli Chocolate ChipsPlanters Deluxe Mixed Nuts contain about 52 less nuts than it used to have. A can of my grandmother's favorite coffee, Maxwell House, used to make 270 cups but now it will only make 240 for the same price as before. Brawny Paper Towels' new roll has four and a half feet fewer paper towels than its older rolls.

Products are thinner and smaller but are selling at the old price. Moral of the story? Same price...less product. Can you think of any?

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