Never one to spend a lot of money on the Massachusetts Lottery, I sometimes wonder what I would do if I were to win a big prize.

You often hear about ordinary folks who walk into a local convenience store as a pauper and walk out a millionaire. How wonderful for them.

Why doesn't that happen to me?

Oh yeah – you have to play to win. I don't play, at least not very often.

Cape Cod Store Sells Three $100,000 Lottery Winners In One Night
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I recently posted an article about a guy who won $50,000 on a Power Ball ticket he bought at a Dartmouth gas station. Imagine turning a trip to a gas station of all places into 50 grand. It seems these days as though I leave the gas station minus a fortune, not with new-found wealth.

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When I do decide to splurge and buy a lottery ticket, it's always a loser, or perhaps I'll win back what I invested and nothing more. That's almost considered a hit for me.

Cape Cod Store Sells Three $100,000 Lottery Winners In One Night
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Then some seem to win all the time, whether it be the Christmas party raffle, the casino slots, or the Massachusetts Lottery.

Not me. When I'm up 10 bucks on the roulette wheel, it's time to quit while I'm ahead. That's a "lucky night" for me.

Cape Cod Store Sells Three $100,000 Lottery Winners In One Night
Massachusetts Lottery Commission Facebook Photo

MassLive reported someone won a million dollars on a scratch ticket in Rockland this week. Station Liquors sold the winning "$4,000,000 Money Bags" lottery ticket.

I'll bet whoever won that bundle will have a happy holiday season.

Cape Cod Store Sells Three $100,000 Lottery Winners In One Night
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

"There were also three $100,000 prizes sold Tuesday, each from the 'Mass Cash' game and each from the same Centerville Food Mart in Centerville," located on the South Side of Barnstable, according to MassLive.

The Massachusetts Lottery stated that Mass Cash "offers the best odds of winning $100,000 of any of our games." As a result, players will often purchase multiple tickets with the same numbers.

Hmmm, maybe I'm onto something here.

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