Bristol Community College's Fall River campus officially unveiled its newest building since 2001 Thursday afternoon during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the John J. Sbrega Health and Science Building. 

The building is named after the college's third president, John "Jack" Sbrega, Ph.D.

The 46,000 square foot LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rated building is a "zero-energy" building that will generate its enough renewable energy in the course of a year to meet the total amount of energy consumed by the building.

Courses in nursing, dental hygiene and life sciences will be offered in the new building which features state-of-the art labs and equipment. It will also provide students with additional lounge and study areas.

"The new health and science building will enable the College to give our students the very best in health and life science education, while reinforcing the College's commitment to innovative sustainable operations and student success," said Sbrega.

The $36 million project has already received plenty of recognition for its sustainability efforts.

Governor Charlie Baker attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and marveled at the construction.

"It's a really interesting and very forward thinking approach to design and construction and the fact that the building basically is going to create just as much energy that it uses is a real statement everybody that was involved," Baker said.

This was not the first time the Governor was impressed by BCC's use of sustainable innovation.

Last year the BCC unveiled solar canopies above a new parking lot that harness solar energy for use on campus.

Baker said he liked the idea so much he is in the process of putting out bids for over two dozen MBTA parking lots.

"It's going to be a great thing for our commuters because they'll be able to benefit from the canopies but at the same time we're gonna generate a bunch of energy that's gonna help us pay bills at the T," said Baker.

Sbrega is set to retire after this coming academic year.