Democratic Presidential Debate in Milwaukee
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Hillary Clinton should consider stepping aside and allow Tim Kaine to represent the Democrat party in the election, now less than two weeks away.  Isn't that what the press and the DNC would be saying had the FBI Director James Comey announced today that he was launching a criminal investigation into Donald Trump and not Mrs. Clinton?  You bet your booties they would.

Emails obtained by the FBI by seizing electronic devices belonging to disgraced Ex-New York Congressman, Democrat Anthony Weiner and his wife, top Clinton confidant Huma Abedin are damning enough for Comey to re-launch his criminal investigation of Clinton mere days before the election.  Comey tells Congress the agents investigating the matter felt it was important enough to re-open the case and he agrees.

Comey has taken considerable heat for not following the recommendation of his career investigators who felt charges should have been lodged against Mrs. Clinton in the first go round.  And who can forget that 40 minute meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a plane in Arizona mere days before Comey deep sixed the investigation of Mrs. Clinton?

For the FBI to re-open this matter now is a serious blow to Mrs. Clinton's candidacy in a race that has gotten closer in recent days.  There is no way for the media to bury this thing.  The FBI must have something good not to wait until the election is over.

I call on all Democrat elected officials to denounce Mrs. Clinton and her candidacy now, just as they called up all Republican candidates to do to Mr. Trump when unsubstantiated claims arose that he had groped several women.  Any elected official that can still stand with Clinton and this juncture stands in support of corruption and should consider their own future.

All of this leaves one to wonder whether the Clintons and the media have one more anti-Trump missile up their sleeve and just when it might be dropped.


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