Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images

Jill Stein is nothing, if not an opportunist. Stein, the 66 year old physician from Lexington, Massachusetts has been running for public office since 2002 and has yet to be elected to anything. She has run twice for Governor of Massachusetts, once for State Representative, Secretary of State and at least once for a local office in Lexington. Her most recent effort, a run for President as the candidate for the Green Party this year was, like her other efforts, a dismal failure. Yet Stein, through a recount in Wisconsin and threats of recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, refuses to go away and promises to keep the political divisiveness going deep into the holiday season.

There aren't many who believe Stein, or anyone else for that matter will benefit from recounting the votes in those states. There are some who believe that Stein is doing this for her own financial gain or to raise her political profile for yet another run for political office, or both. No one but Stein knows for certain.

There is one thing that I think most of us can agree on and that is that this election cycle was brutal and should end now. It has been a particularly divisive election and most Americans are ready to move on from it. Because of Stein we will continue to debate the election results for several more weeks and perhaps even longer.

I don't care what your political beliefs are, enough is enough. The tree is up, the holidays are here and it's time to think about the future of our nation and stop reliving the election of 2016.

Jill Stein and anyone else still smarting over the election results...let it go! It's time to unite and move on.