Pine Meadows Alpacas in Mattapoisett has been in the alpaca industry for about 12 years, having evolved into an educational animal farm with sheep, llamas, and more.

Thanks to its ambassador program, the farm recently welcomed a new, exotic friend.

Her name is Pockets, and this little wallaby is teaching children and families the importance of leaving no trace.

The Ambassador Program at Pine Meadows

“Our USDA License gives us the opportunity to have educational animals on the farm like Pockets,” said Diana Paine, owner of the farm. “We like to raise them as young as we can to live out their days with us, and we use them to educate the public on different animals, the harms of deforestation and other topics.”

The Arrival of Pockets

Pockets is a Bennett’s (red-necked) wallaby who was born in September 2021.

“When they are born, they are only the size of a jellybean,” said Paine.

Baby wallabies hang out in their mother’s pouch for about six months until they are big enough to come out, and the farm received Pockets from a Connecticut breeder right around the six-month mark.

Pockets Helps Kids Learn

“She helps (children) learn about the importance of leaving no trace,” Paine said. “We certainly don’t have wallabies around here, but they are similar to rabbits where you do not want to disturb them in the wild. Leave them the way you found them.”

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It must be a cuteness factor that leads people to believe they should “save” wallabies from the wild because Pockets is certainly adorable.

“She’s kind of crazy in the best way possible,” said Paine. “She is very high-energy and very chatty. She’ll have a full-on conversation with you.”

Meeting the Animals at Pine Meadows

Typically, the animals of Pine Meadows can be found at fairs, birthday parties and special events, but during COVID, the farm supplemented the lack of events by opening to visitors. Now that events have once again filled up the calendar, Pine Meadows is working on a way to incorporate events and visiting hours.

“We are getting back into the swing of things with parties and events, but we are hoping to throw up a couple of dates to open the farm again,” said Paine.

This would give families a chance to meet Pockets and her friends.

For now, enjoy this cute little photo of Pockets' arrival at the farm.

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