Scott Tingle '87 showed off his UMassD pride while discussing life aboard the International Space Station with 7News - WHDH Boston.

About seven minutes and 30 seconds into this 20-minute video, Tingle (right) starts talking about New England as his home. Tingle is a graduate of what was once Southern Massachusetts University (SMU), now known as UMass Dartmouth.

“I haven’t lived in New England for quite a while but you never forget where you come from and that’s home. Randolph is hometown for me, I still have family and friends there and I’m proud of having that in my past,” he said.

And can we just talk about how cool it is to see the mic float around between the two astronauts during the interview? They both have a look that says, "this is just a Monday in the office for us." But I still think it's awesome how Tingle is living this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.

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