New Bedford officials want to get motorists to stop contributing to panhandlers with new signs that read: "Contribute to the solution. Change the way you give. Donate to"

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Contributed photo

Whether the new signs, posted around the city at favorite panhandling locations, will work or not is yet to be seen.

While I'm not against the City having concern for pedestrian and vehicular safety, I don't believe the signs will have the effects that officials are hoping for. For starters, the sign is too small for such a long, wordy message. It's also hard to read the entire sign unless you're right up on it.

In other cities where similar signs have been posted, there hasn't been any noticeable change. I believe these sign won't make a difference in New Bedford, either.

Trying to urge motorists to make charitable donations to Rise Up For Homes, related to homelessness, is noble, and so is trying to increase safety at intersections. But with all due respect to the City, trying to do its job and help those people in need, they're telling a motorist not to give to a panhandler with a sign.

Will that sign deter them from giving? No.

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