It's that time of year. The time when networks see what new shows still aren't working and they start dropping like flies. And another new sitcom is already getting cancelled.

Just a couple of weeks ago the first fall TV casualty was announced and more cancellations weren't far behind.

Thankfully Fox pulled the plug on their dumb reality show Utopia. And now ABC says they are taking another new sitcom off the air for good. Selfie has gotten the axe.

Selfie Producer and cast
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Another show I didn't have high hopes for from the start, so I'm not terribly surprised. ABC says it will air one final episode of the failed show this Tuesday and then move on to filling it's time slot with something else presumably.

There are a few other shows that have not officially been cancelled yet, but are probably not going to last much longer.

NBC's Bad Judge and A to Z haven't been axed, but they also haven't ordered any new episodes, so it looks like both will be gone by the New Year. Also over on Fox, Mulaney has yet to have any new episodes ordered, so you can probably say goodbye to that one too.

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