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Could the European Union's loss be the Southcoast's gain? 

One local financial analyst thinks it's possible.
Ray Lantz, President of USA Wealth Group in Dartmouth, tells WBSM News that following the vote many companies may be looking to locate their world headquarters to cities in the U.S. like Boston. 
If that takes place, the Southcoast could see an economic boost.
"We are already seeing more world companies making their headquarters in Boston, not just G.E., but some others have announced recently," said Lantz "that's going to have a spillover effect on the Southcoast, it's going to put more pressure upon builiding rail service from the Southcoast that will significantly improve our economy." 
Lantz also says that the lower housing costs here on the southcoast will also make the area more attractive to those seeking alternatives to the high costs of living in the Boston area.
"The cost of housing and rents in Boston is much, much higher than it is on the Southcoast," sand Lantz "so I think that we're going to be a much more attractive area and I think that's going to help us with the real estate market, jobs, and so forth."  
For those worried about their investments, including those invested in 401K's, Lantz says the best thing to do is to remain calm and ride out the volatility in the market. 
"The most important don't panic and think about getting more safe and more conservative in the future," said Lantz "think about index products, for example, rather than things which have volatility."