Thanks to folks at Honest Tea, we now have a pretty good handle at which are the most honest cities in America.

The beverage company set up a social experiment in 30 cities in which its tea and organic lemonade were placed in unmanned kiosks with a sign clearly stating that the beverages cost a dollar. The stands had a drop box for thirsty passers-by to deposit the money. To increase the temptation to take the refreshments without paying, the experiment was conducted in the August heat.

Using a hidden camera, Honest Tea was able to determine that not a single person in Salt Lake City, Utah or Oakland, CA took a bottle without paying. Boulder, CO ranked third with 99 percent honesty, followed by San Francisco and Seaside Heights, NJ at 97 percent.

At the other end of the spectrum was Brooklyn. Only 61 percent of the folks that engaged with Honest’s Tea location in the New York City borough paid for their drinks. However, New York City as a whole scored a much better 92 percent. The complete list of the 30 cities and their rates of honesty are below.

1. (tie) Oakland, CA (100%)
1. (tie) Salt Lake City, UT (100%)
3. Boulder, CO (99%)
4. (tie) San Francisco (97%)
4. (tie) Seaside Heights, NJ (97%)
6. (tie) Boston (96%)
6. (tie) Cincinnati (96%)
6. (tie) Galveston, TX (96%)
6. (tie) Seattle (96%)
10. (tie) Las Vegas (95%)
10. (tie) Washington, DC (95%)
12. Chicago (94%)
13. (tie) Austin, TX (93%)(
13. (tie) Cleveland (93%)
13. (tie) Palo Alto, CA (93%)
16. (tie) New York, NY (92%)
16. (tie) Portland, OR (92%)
16. (tie) Sturgis, SD (92%)
16. (tie) Tempe, AZ (92%)
20. (tie) Atlanta (91%)
20. (tie) New Orleans (91%)
20. (tie) Atlantic City, NJ (91%)
20. (tie) San Antonio (91%)
24. (tie) Denver (90%)
24. (tie) Anaheim, CA (90%)
26. Philadelphia (89%)
27. San Diego (87%)
28. (tie) Charlotte, NC (86%)
28. (tie) Miami (86%)
30. Los Angeles (79%)

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