Graduations, along with many other milestone celebrations, have looked very different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alma del Mar has an annual tradition of honoring the eighth-grade graduates by sending them off with a “Clap-Out.” For this year’s event, the school took the party outside.

Emily Darrow is the Chief of Staff at Alma del Mar and she talked about the tradition with fondness. “The ‘Clap Out’ is a special tradition with the Alma community to celebrate our graduates. In a typical year, scholars in all other grades line the hall and clap while the eighth-grade scholars walk out of school for the last time before graduation. Scholars also hang up a pennant for the high school they will be attending. Since we couldn't do this in person this year, we wanted to recreate this special event as much as possible for our scholars who have been working so hard during this time of remote learning.”

Photo Contributed by Alma del Mar

On Wednesday, June 10, all eighth-grade scholars were driven to school. Staff lined the streets while practicing social distancing to cheer them on. Scholars individually got out of the car to pick up a package with a cap and gown, a diploma, and a special gift. They were able to put on their cap and gown and Alma del Mar had professional portraits taken. The students proceeded through the bus lane while the staff cheered on every scholar and their family.

Photo Contributed by Alma del Mar

What a great moment for these kids. Their teachers truly went above and beyond to show them support and love through this difficult time.

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