FALL RIVER — A known crack dealer is arrested in Fall River after he attempts to flee from police.

On Wednesday, Officers Matthew Mendes and Greg Homen, who are assigned to the Special Operations Division Gang Unit, were conducting surveillance of a vehicle which they believed was involved in a potential drug transaction.

They observed a Toyota Corolla parked on the sidewalk in the area of 200 Osborn Street. They observed a black male later identified as 39-year-old Clinton Way enter the passenger side of the vehicle, and it began traveling west on Osborn Street. Officers had information that Way was an active crack cocaine dealer.

Based on their observations, the officers attempted to stop the vehicle to inquire further to what they believed to be a drug transaction about to occur. Officers followed the vehicle on to Broadway at Bradford Avenue. Officers affected a motor vehicle stop by turning on their emergency lights. While doing so, they observed the passenger, Way, suddenly reach down toward the floor of the vehicle and lean backward in his seat.

After affecting the stop, officers asked Way to exit the vehicle and they conducted a pat frisk of Way at which time, Officer Homen discovered Way was in possession of a clear bag containing a white hard substance which was recognized as crack cocaine. Officers also spoke with the operator and determined that his explanation of what he was doing was not consistent with what officers observed just prior to stopping the vehicle.

Officer Homen attempted to place Way into handcuffs, but he suddenly pulled away from Homan and began fleeing west on Bradford Avenue. A brief foot pursuit ensued and Way was located in a residential yard on Beach Street. After the conclusion of the investigation, officers seized 5.4 grams of crack cocaine, drug packaging materials, a digital scale and $10,193 in cash, believed to be proceeds of illegal drug sales.

Way was charged with possession of a Class B substance with intent to distribute, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

-- Fall River Police

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