After Saturday night's major trade sent the top overall pick from the Boston Celtics to the Philadelphia 76ers, in exchange for the third overall pick and future selections, the C's must plan how to move forward with their updated draft position.

According to Celtics general manager Danny Ainge, the first thing on Boston's radar now is getting a pair of top prospects into the building for visits prior to Thursday's draft.

A report has quoted Ainge as saying that he would like to get both Kansas' Josh Jackson and UCLA's Lonzo Ball in town for meetings prior to Thursday.

Both players had previously turned down opportunities to schedule pre-draft visits with the C's, with Ball having his sights set on becoming a Los Angeles Laker and Jackson fearing that he could get stuck on a crowded depth chart.

If neither accepts the last minute invite to meet with Ainge and company it will be interesting to see what Boston does with the third overall pick. They could always make another big-time trade involving the third pick or they could still take one of the aformentioned players along with guys like Jayson Tatum and D'Aaron Fox.


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