It's a sign of these changing times that might be considered at our area high school athletic programs; commercial signs on their uniforms! What's this all about? Well, ads are going to start appearing on NBA players' uniforms for the first time since starting with the 2017-18 season after the team owners gave their approval late last week. Under a three-year pilot program, the ads will be displayed on players' jerseys, and Bloomberg reports that they are expected to produce some $150 million in revenue each year! Teams will keep half of the booty and the other half will go into a revenue-sharing pool.

More successful teams that have more national TV appearances and teams with bigger audiences overseas can make more money from uniform ads. The NBA is the first of the four major U.S. sports league to have "uniform advertising," although it is already used in Major League Soccer and the WNBA.

So, do you think the ads will be okay, or do you think they will distract from the 'look' of each team's uniform? And what about ads for cigars, cigarettes and alcohol? Should they be accepted for the uniforms?

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