It's been about six months since Acushnet's Pope Park received some new amenities, including a new pavilion, new picnic tables and toys. The park is now struggling with groups of misbehaving teens that frequent it.

There have been complains about loud, rough language used in front of little kids tee-ball games and practices. Teens have been climbing on the rooftop of the pavilion near the baseball field area. Recently, the porta-potty was knocked over. The glass on the doors of a little library on Pope Street has been repeatedly broken and has had to be replaced several times.

Chad Leclair is the head of the Acushnet Park Commission. He said park workers have seen groups of teens coming in and out of the park "causing havoc." While climbing on the roofs may not seem destructive, Leclair said it damages the shingles and is definitely a safety issue.

Pope Park Porta Potty
Courtesy of Chad Leclair

Leclair said he's already tried removing the porta-potty because of the problem they are having."We took it away for a week, but got a good number of complaints because there are no bathrooms at the park," he said. "I was wondering if people actually used it, but apparently they do, especially the people walking the park."

"A lot of these same kids used this park when they were younger," he said. "They played on the playground, used the ballfields and the basketball court. I just ask that they treat this park with respect when they come here."

Leclair said there are security cameras installed at Pope Park and that he is looking into installing more. Acushnet Police responded to the scene when the porta-potty was knocked over, but the teens had already scattered.

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