ACUSHNET — A speeding incident led to Acushnet Police arresting two people on alleged heroin trafficking and weapons charges after one suspect was found to have a knife on a lanyard around her neck and another had one in his pocket.

Acushnet Police say that on Tuesday, April 13 at approximately 5:30 p.m., a white Nissan Sentra was pulled over for speeding on Slocum Road. They say the driver, Robin Lyn Laroche, 35, of Fall River, had a suspended driver’s license and two active arrest warrants.

Courtesy Acushnet Police

According to police, while Laroche was being placed under arrest, they also discovered she had a knife attached to a lanyard around her neck.

Courtesy Acushnet Police

The vehicle’s passenger, Jose L. Cruz, 39, of Fall River, was asked by officers if he had any weapons in his possession; they say he admitted to having a knife as well, kept in his front pants pocket, and that the knife “had an automatic spring release with a double-edged blade,” according to police. Cruz was arrested and charged with possession of a dangerous weapon.

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Police then searched the vehicle, and say they seized from it in excess of 100 grams of suspected heroin, approximately $1,235 in cash, and drug distribution materials. Both Laroche and Cruz were also charged with trafficking in heroin in excess of 100 grams, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and possession of a Class A drug, subsequent offense.

Courtesy Acushnet Police

The suspects were expected to be arraigned today.

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