If you drive by the Acushnet Central Fire Station on Main St. you will see a row of purple flags displayed in front, each one representing an overdose that the fire department has had to respond to this year.

Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher put the flags up as a way to bring attention to the issue and generate a conversation in the community, something gallagher says is starting to happen.

"We're already hearing from parents that, when they learned what the flags represented, they purposely drove their children by and used the flags as a conversation bridge," said Gallagher "if it just happened once we would be extremely satisfied, but my gut is telling me this effort is generating alot of conversation."

Gallagher is also pleased to see that the issue is getting the attention of both the White House and Governor Charlie Baker.

However, he says it's important that citizens need to keep the issue front and center so that political leaders don't lose focus when other issues arise.

"I think what we need to do as citizens is keep the pressure on them," said Gallagher "because soon it will start snowing again and the MBTA will start to break down again and attention may be distracted."

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