A new technology turning trash into energy is being developed here on the Southcoast.


ABC Disposal has drafted plans to expand a plant in Rochester, to be used as a facility that will convert cardboards and plastics into briquettes to be used as coal substitutes.

Michael Camara, President of ABC Disposal tells WBSM News why his company is looking to diversify it's products and services.

Camara says the new 89,000 square-foot, solar-powered facility in Rochester will turn out the fuel briquettes, which will be sold to out-of-state coal plants, since the briquettes are illegal in Massachusetts.

Camara says the briquettes are an ideal substitute since they produce the same amount of energy as coal, while reducing the amount of harmful toxins released into the atmosphere.

Camara expects the plant to be up and running by Spring of 2014.