North Korean state media says Kim Jong Un would be willing to sit for a third summit with President Trump in an effort to reach a denuclearization deal that could further draw the U.S. and North Korea back from the brink.

This week's summit in Vietnam ended when Trump walked out rather than accept a bad deal that would have eased economic sanctions without achieving complete denuclearization.

The North Koreans are accustomed to winning concessions from U.S. presidents simply by making some noise and rattling a few sabers. It didn't work with Trump and I think Kim and the hardliners back home were caught off guard.

There is no doubt in my mind Kim understands that his personal survival, as well as the survival of North Korea, depends upon his making a deal with Trump. He wants a deal but is attempting to see what he can get in exchange. It is becoming clear that he'll get nothing without full and complete denuclearization.

The Trump Administration has not directly responded to the suggestion of a third summit, though the idea has not been rejected, either. Trump doesn't need a deal as Kim does, but he wants one. He won't give away the store in order to get one and that became evident this week in Vietnam.

China's Xi and Russia's Putin are watching closely to see what happens next.

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