Forget about renting a Cape Cod house for $2500 a week, or cramming into a motel room for $175 a night! Your family of four can stay in Brewster, one of the most beautiful places on Cape Cod, for $500 a week without sacrificing any fun, and that price includes your lodging, food and activities! Really!

The premier state park, Nickerson, has everything you'll need for one of the best family vacations, ev-ah! For $13-$17 a night, pitch a tent or set up your camper, but make reservations earlier in the year, like right now!

Free activities include swimming, walking miles of Cape Cod sandy beaches, fishing, bike trails, hiking, bird watching, kiting, free family-friendly outdoor band concerts at the gazebo, grilling marshmallows, chatting with fellow campers til the wee hours and GEOCACHING! What's geocaching? It's a 21st century free treasure hunting adventure, using "GPS" to find hidden trinkets, small toys and notes found in special heavy plastic caches. It's so much fun and provides hours of entertainment!

Be sure to visit the local clam shacks and drop in to COBIE'S, a fabulous seasonal hut featuring Cape Cod delicacies and ice cream!

So let's add up our Cape Cod family vacation: Lodging is $150, Groceries are $150, Snack Shacks are $100 and Activities are $100. Total...Ka-Ching...$500 for probably one of the best vacations the kids will remember all their lives! Simple, inexpensive and fun! Enjoy!