Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has struggled a bit since becoming a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But Brady is not struggling at all with the Tampa weather, and in fact, says he has no intention of ever moving back to New England again.

Many who adored the G.O.A.T. for two decades – just as long as he sported a New England Patriots jersey – were quick to hate on him once he chartered a course south. Brady was a turncoat. A traitor. But whatever your feeling about Brady's decision to ditch the Pats for the Bucs, it was a business move with just a bit of personal consideration, too.

Tom Brady is a California kid. He grew up where the climate is considerably less brutal than Foxboro in February. Brady adapted to the colder climate where he remained, winning ring and after ring for 20 years until it was time for something new.

Brady's Bucs are 8-5 with yesterday's win over the Vikings and are in the hunt for a wild card berth. Not Brady's typical kind of season, but he is still playing. And he is still winning. And he is warm.

Page Six reports Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen have just bought a home in Miami and a new $2 million yacht. No. 12 tells CBS Sports, " You won't catch me dead living in the Northeast anymore.” Who could blame him? Page Six says Brady is worth an estimated $200 million. He's got a yacht. And Gisele.

But some folks take Brady's bust on the New England climate personally as if they'd never wished they could bid the region adios themselves. Come on, people. Tom Brady delivered for us in a way no other New England sports figure ever has. Go easy on him.

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