Over $88 million in earmarks is included for New Bedford as part of an environmental bond bill. State Representative Antonio Cabral says the bill passed the house Thursday night, and now heads to the Governor's desk.

This week the full Legislature voted to retain these authorizations:

-$35 million for dredging New Bedford Harbor;
-$4.1 million for repairs to Pope’s Island Marina;
-$5.2 million for commercial fishing piers;
-$2.7 million for a study regarding the extension of North Terminal.
-And $250,000 for water quality improvements at Buttonwood Park.

Rep. Cabral also worked with Senator Montigny and his house colleagues to secure further earmarks and increased funding for the City including:

-$25 million for the State Pier
-$10 million for improvements to Fort Taber
-$748,000 for water quality improvements at Sassaquin Pond
-$250,000 for Nash Road Pond water quality improvements
-And $155,000 for the Brooklawn Park Flooding Relief Project.

Governor Deval Patrick will decide whether to authorize the spending for those projects.

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