NEW BEDFORD — As part of the state’s $20 million allocation of 26 grants, Borrego Solar Systems, Inc. has received $700,000 to complete an energy storage project at the Titleist manufacturing facility located in New Bedford.

The grant will enable the golf ball manufacturing company to deploy lithium-ion battery technology for a variety of energy storage functions. Collectively, these grants will allow Massachusetts businesses and higher education institutions to reduce their overall demand on electricity and shift to renewable energy sources.

“Access to renewable energy sources, like solar and wind power, has increased dramatically over the years thanks to thoughtful planning and investment. However, storing this energy for peak efficiency has been a lingering challenge,” said State Representative Antonio F.D. Cabral (D-New Bedford). “This grant will be used to promote energy efficiency and will hopefully lead to widespread adoption throughout our entire region.”

According to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, each state grant will be matched with private money from the beneficiary company or institution. In total, the 26 projects that received state funding will create 85-megawatt-hours of storage capacity—an increase to the Commonwealth’s current 7-megawatt-hour capacity.

--Rep. Cabral's Office

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