You’ve heard it a billion times, we are the Land of the Free Because of the Brave. Fall River Municipal Credit Union wants to remind you that there are lots of great ways to make your THANK YOU more impactful this 4th of July.

1. THANK THEM. You likely know a veteran or someone currently serving our country. Say THANKS. Thank them in person, shoot them a text, call them on the phone, send them an email or hand-write a thank you card. Don’t overthink it- it’s easy. Thank you for your service, your dedication to our country and for keeping me safe. I am proud of you.

2. CHEER FOR THEM.  Many of us will visit our local Independence Day parades. As you can expect, these parades are full of veterans, servicemen and women who are proudly marching and representing their respective branches. Clap! Cheer! Stand up from your spot on the curb and shake their hand if you can.

New Bedford's Memorial Day Parade (Jon Faria/ TSM)

3. VISIT THEM. Some of our heroes are spending the holiday in the hospital or in a nursing home. If you can’t stop in to pay them a visit, send a card or a gift. Places like the Veteran’s Transition House are always accepting donations to help better serve their veterans.

4. INVITE THEM. The Fourth of July is a time for celebrating our freedom and the people who fought for it. Invite them to celebrate alongside you. If you know a veteran will be alone for the holiday, invite them to your cookout or to see a parade. In some cases, it may mean making some extra accommodations but considering what they did for us, its worth the effort.

Louie Correia, B-17 tail gunner WW ll — at Quansett Point.

Fall River Municipal Credit Union

These great reminders have been made possible by Fall River Municipal Credit Union. The advantages you enjoy when you handle your financial affairs through a credit union are many. Call today 1.877.67FRMCU.

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