I’m challenging all readers to prove me wrong. I offer a reward of a gift card for anyone who can locate a Republican member of congress, governor, state attorney general or any presidential candidate who has stated that  We can't beat ISIL unless we call them radical Islamists.” No one will collect of course because it has never been uttered. It is though, what President Obama said was the position of many Republicans yesterday while addressing the Orlando shooting.

Even members of the left leaning press have criticized his reluctance to use the term. Like many other things, this president is in need of fibbing to insulate his public from seeing his rudderless leadership on the War on Terror...or in his case the Spat with Ambiguous Violence.

President Obama is worried about the terrorists somehow taking advantage if he uses the term. The same president who calls ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria) “ISIL” ISIL means the Islamic State in the Levant. The Levant is an old Muslim Ottoman Empire designated territory that includes (ahem) Israel.

isis area

Hamas and most politically active anti-Israel Arabs and Muslims use the term “ISIL”. It is antagonistic and a deliberate insult to America’s best ally in the Middle East. The term is intended today to imply that Israel is not a legitimate state. Is it possible that he isignorant of this? It makes one wonder who is in his ear.


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