The Whaling City Festival takes place July 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.

The Whaling City Festival Carnival officially opens Thursday at 4pm and has tons of rides for kids of all ages, including these wild rides that you'll want to try again and again.

1. Fireball: Travel upside-down, 60’ above the ground on this 360 degree looping roller coaster.  Height Requirements: 48" (4 feet tall) unless accompanied. Intensity Level: MAXIMUM


2. Pharaoh's Fury: This Egyptian ship themed ride swings back and forth leaving you feeling totally weightless. Height requirement: 48" (4 feet tall) no exceptions. Intensity Level: MAXIMUM

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3. Vertigo:   Travel 60 feet up in the air and swing high above the entire carnival with your feet casually hanging below you. Pro:Tip- pull your hair back into a pony tail to keep it from flying into your mouth.  Height Requirement: 48" (4 feet tall) no exceptions. Intensity Level: MAXIMUM

But don't worry, the carnival is more than just these three rides!  They have family friendly rides for your little ones including age-old favorites like the Giant Slide, a Carousel, Dizzy Dragons, the Ferris Wheel and more!

Don't forget, Thursday is UNLIMITED RIDE NIGHT for $25. Ride all you can from 4p - 9p and start your summer off with a thrill!

Special Thanks to The Butcher Shop on Dartmouth Street in New Bedford and Ocean Spray Cranberries in Middleboro for supporting the event. Meet with OSC representatives at WCF to learn about their full-time openings at their Middleboro location. Pay rates starting at $15/hr and full benefit package available. For information, please visit