A 113 year-old time capsule was discovered in the head of the lion statue that dawned the top of the Massachusetts state house. A small red book was found in the five-pound box, but no one has been able to see what's underneath in fear of ruining the contents. The archivists have taken the capsule back for examination, and revealed their plan to repack the capsule with items from present day. They are taking suggestions, but have already decide to include a 2013 Boston Marathon medal.

We chose to make our own list of items to include in a 2014 time capsule, but also more specific to the New Bedford area. This would be opened in 2114, a hundred years from now. Pete suggested an iPhone, and Dan thought a Fall River recall election ballot would be good. A few listeners offered some great ideas, like a picture of the Charles W. Morgan visiting its home port, or a photo of our dear friend Jack Peterson. One caller suggested a newspaper article on the Market Basket debacle. A strike that lasted well over two months, emptying the shelves of countless stores. And of course, the social media trend that swept the nation to aid in research to "Strike Out ALS," #IceBucketChallenge. Promotions director, Kristen suggested a small bucket with a couple of fake ice cubes to commemorate the phenomenon.

We really liked the suggestion to include memorabilia from the 100th Madeira Feast since they will be celebrating their 200th anniversary that year. The same goes for the Dartmouth 350th Parade, with hopes that the town will celebrate their 450th at the time of the capsule's opening.

I thought this list needed a little more pop culture in it, so I suggested something having to do with "Frozen." I'm sure there will be another movie torturing parents in 2114, but there is no escaping that incessant cliche, "Let it Go." Phil had a comical twist to this concept with the addition of a Hostess Twinkie...that thing would last through the apocalypse, so I'm sure it would still be edible in a hundred years!

And last, but not least: a few items related to WBSM directly. First, there was the idea to include a recording of our 6,000 show (which is in 44 days). Second, a recording of the song that you wake up to every morning (Monday-Friday), Mandisa's "Good Morning." Finally, a copy of my resume. Thank you to the woman who offered my work on the station to be "immortalized." We'll be sure to include a few pictures of the staff both hard at work, and hardly working.