Whoever came up with the idea of renting out your house or place of business temporarily is an absolute genius.

Airbnb rentals have come full circle these days on the renters market as a hot commodity for vacationers. Whether you're heading up north to a wintry cabin on Burke Mountain in Vermont or staying as a swanky chateau on Pompano Beach in Florida, there seems to be an Airbnb for everyone these days.

Now, my question to the public is this: have you ever walked inside a place of business and thought to yourself, Wow, this place is amazing! I could totally live here? Then you're not alone, because every time I hit up a new restaurant or office and was blown away from the comfort the interior decorators have accomplished, I find myself making mental notes.

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Over the past 11 years here at the radio station, I've come across a place or two that would be perfect living quarters and I'd love to share them with you. Be prepared to try to change my mind on these Airbnb prospects, but I'm pretty confident in my choices. However, the real question is this: would you stay a night or two at these places?

Shoot me an email at Gazelle@Fun107.com if you've ever walked into a building and thought to yourself, Yes, I could totally live here. Whether it's a water view or sunset perfection, I'd love to get the juices flowing and startup a whole new conversation, and even add to the selection below:

12 Southcoast Businesses That Could Double as an Airbnb

If you've ever walked into a business, restaurant, or store and thought, Wow, I could live here, then check out these SouthCoast establishments that could easily double as an Airbnb.

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