As the new year begtins, many people will head to the gym to lose weight and get in shape. Statistics show that only a few will still be at it by March, but if you made a New Year's Resolution and joined a gym, we put together a list of 10 things you must have in your gym bag.

  1. Water bottle. Make sure you keep hydrated and "go green" by getting a bottle you can re-use.
  2. Workout music and ear buds or headphones.
  3. Towelettes. You can never be sure that the guy in front of you cleaned the equipment or if he has even washed his hands in the past month.
  4. Pain-relieving cream.
  5. Body spray to smell your bet afterwards.
  6. Bandages or band-aids in case of blisters.
  7. 2-in-1 wash. It's soap and shampoo combined.
  8. Astringent to remove dirt, oil and dead skin.
  9. Deodorant.
  10. Flip flops. The last thing you want is a foot fungus from the shower.

Did we forget anything?


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