Here comes summer vacation time and it's time to start planning where you want to go to get some rest and relaxation.  There are thousands of choices across our great country, places like Disney and many of our national treasures.  Usually when we plan a trip we tend to chose a family oriented if we are going away with the family and if it's a get away as a couple we tend to chose the more romantic place.

That leads to the question what about us guys -- Where can we go to feel manly?  What hotels across our nation are good manly hotels?

I'm glad you asked that question, a recent article in Men's Health Magazine found some of Americas manliest hotels.  One of the hotels is in Boston, it's The Liberty Hotel, the former Charles Street Jail.


  • 1

    Liberty Hotel, Boston

    The Liberty Hotel uses jail themes throughout, the restaurant is called 'Clink', the outdoor patio is 'The Yard' and the hotel features exposed brick that gives you the feel of the jail.

  • 2

    The Standard, High Line New York City

    Located in Manhattan, the rooms are very modern and the views and attractions are nothing short of spectacular.

  • 3

    Trail Center Lodge Minnesota

    Feel like roughin' it? Okay, maybe not that rough, but if you feel like taking to the woods this is the place to be. Located right on the Polar Lake since 1938, this place just oozes manly.

  • 4

    The Driskill Hotel Texas

    It doesn't get more manly than Texas. There is even a stuffed steer at the bar. If you want, you can even rent the room entitled 'The Cattle Baron', whihc comes with a cow hide rug.

  • 5

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Mississippi

    It starts out with Hard Rock, so you know this place is built for a rock star. Attend their big summer party called Detox, and then sleep it off before catching a show.