Let's face it, this year's Red Sox season has been tough to watch. So much potential. A new manager who was supposed to turn them around and establish some discipline. Then they lose and lose and lose. They trade away players that you might have liked (Youkilis and Gonzalez) and players that you might not have liked (Beckett and Crawford.)

Yet, some still watch and we still go.

Attendance has been down this past week but I read a post from a friend of mine this morning that reminded me that the diehards still love their Sox.

Sharon went to the Yankees/ Red Sox game last night with her 19 year old son Ian. They saw some celebs (Bill Cosby and Boston Rob;) they sat next to some people that had come from Nashville to see the game after paying $475 per ticket; her son caught a ball tossed into the stands by Salty and she saw a high school friend she hadn't seen in 30 years. She said "the game was awful, but the night was fun."

We love our Sox, we love our Fenway. Oh well, wait til next year!