Wareham Police have arrested a man who they say carjacked two vehicles with the occupants still in them. Matthew Mullen reportedly walked up to a 75-year-old woman in a Stop and Shop parking lot.

He then put his fingers to the back of her head, saying he had a gun, and ordered her to drive to the bank. The woman was unable to withdraw money at the bank, and after she left she spotted a cop and got out of the car to speak to him. That’s when Mullen took her car and drove a short distance before ditching it and carjacking a vehicle with the family still in it.

He got into the backseat with the baby next to him and told them I have a gun, drive. As they began to drive Wareham police converged on the vehicle and boxed it in and arrested Mullen. He faced charges of kidnapping and carjackingin Wareham District Court.