About 100 students, alumni, administrators and faculty members ran, jogged and walked from the UMass Dartmouth campus to Boston Common on Sunday, as their part of the One Run Boston Relay.

Its part of a nationwide run that started June 7th in California, and ended late last night in Boston.

The purpose of the relay is to raise money for One Fund Boston, the entity that will distribute a total of $61 million to Boston Marathon bombing victims and their families.

UMass Dartmouth Chancellor Divina Grossman was hired one year ago on Monday.  She said the community spirit displayed by the UMass Dartmouth contingent, was quite an anniversary present.....

Dzohkar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect was a student at UMass Dartmouth.  Three others also charged in the case had connections to the University.

The cross country group of runners traveled more than 3,000 miles thru 14 states.  They were expected to arrive in Boston around midnight last night.