New Bedford Superintendent of Schools Dr. Pia Durkin names 2 new administrators in the school district. According to published reports , a new Spanish-speaking principal will lead the Hathaway Elementary School, which will start housing the district's primary Elementary English Language Learner program this fall. Roberto Soto, who has served in Worcester as its E L L department head will start Aug. 1. He previously worked as a middle school teacher and will earn $81,000 a year and has a two-year contract.

Durkin also named Rafaela Defigueiredo as the new assistant principal at the Gomes School. Defigueiredo has served in the New Bedford Public Schools since 2006, working as a school adjustment counselor and site program coordinator for the 21st century afterschool program.

Her salary is covered through the Unit B union and will be a little more than $76 thousand dollars for the 2013-14 school year.