Do you have a predictable 'ice cream personality?' If you're a normal ice cream lover, according to the Food Channel, you're happy with vanilla and chocolate at the top of the list.

However, if you venture off the reservation, you may enjoy flavors like champagne, merlot, spaghetti & cheese, beer or carrot mango. At some trendy parlors, you might find flavors like 'government surplus cheese" and even Viagra! I can't remember any special taste to Viagra, but I'm willing to bet you it's not available in soft serve!

So, let's start a list of the weirdest ice cream flavors all of you have tried and where to get it. Hopefully, some of the places are in the region! As a side, let me share with you two of my favorite roadside emporiums, among many.

  • Handy Hill Creamery on Hixbridge Rd.,
  • Westport and Frates Drive-In, Somerset Ave. in Taunton with over 300 flavors

What are the strangest ice cream flavor(s) you've ever tried?