Congratulations to the state of Vermont for being the "Healthiest State" in the union.  This is the sixth year in a row that Vermont has been number one on the list!  Where does Massachusetts rank?

The measurement used to figure out how Vermont is the healthiest was  24 measures of health, including tobacco and alcohol abuse, exercise, infectious diseases, crime rates, public health funding, access to immunizations, premature birth rates and cancer and heart disease rates.  It's interesting to see that other New England states are also on the list:

  • 1. Vermont
  • 2. Hawaii
  • 3. New Hampshire
  • 4. Massachusetts
  • 5. Minnesota
  • 6. Connecticut
  • 7. Utah
  • 8. New Jersey
  • 9. Maine
  • 10. Rhode Island

Once again Louisiana and Mississippi are on the bottom of the list.  I do have to say I am surprised that Massachusetts at number four on the list. The state does have some of the worlds best medical facility's, to keep us healthy.  I do have to admit I am seeing a lot more folks at the gym and out getting exorcise too.