With the Monday night games played, we are fully through with week one of the NFL season. So who was good, who was bad, and who was just plain ugly?

Ugly: Jacksonville Jaguars

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Where to begin with this mess. The Jacksonville Jaguars started off the game with a safety, the first safety for Jacksonville since 2008. With a 2-0 lead, that's as good as it would get for Jacksonville.

The Kansas City Chiefs would dominate the Jags with a 28-2 win. Jags QB Blaine Gabbert would throw two interceptions, no TDs (obviously) and 121 yards. He was sacked by the Chiefs defense six times. The Jags ground game wasn't much better. Maurice Jones-Drew rushed for just 45 yards.

Bad: Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Pittsburgh Steelers came into Sunday with hopes of erasing the memory of 2012 and finishing the season at .500. Things didn't really go as planned. Despite starting off the game with a safety, the offense never really got going.

The Steelers would lose to the Tennessee Titans 16-9. Big Ben would throw 191 yards, one TD and one interception. Not exactly the start of the season that the Steelers faithful would have hoped for.

Good: Denver Broncos

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There was not one team that was more impressive in week one than the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning threw seven TDs, tying the single game record. He also threw for 462 yards. Demaryius Thomas caught two of those TD passes, and had 161 yards receiving.

Denver's defense was able to contain the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, and come away with a big 49-27 win. Obviously Denver looks dangerous heading into week 2.