This is a beautiful video, and I'm shocked that anyone has anything bad to say about it. I first came across this clip on someone's Facebook page about a month ago, and it brought tears to my eyes because of how precious it was.

A man goes on a first date, only it's with his 3 year old little girl. She greets him in a beautiful pink dress, quick to show off her new shoes. His daughter is so visibly excited to spend some one-on-one time with her father, she hugs him without hesitation. She even jumps up and asks him if he's ready for the date! As if watching her pull his arm to the back porch for dinner wasn't cute enough, he pulls out the chair for her and they are served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (with the crust cut off), and milk in a sippy-cup. Then they walk over to the park down the street, where he pushes her on the swing and gives her a piggy-back ride.

What astonished me last night while watching the news is that there are some people taking the word "date" too literally and seeing this as perverted. It's sad that a father showing his daughter what love looks like is considered to be "creepy" to these individuals. I feel sorry for them because they must not have received the same parental TLC that is demonstrated in this video.

This man simply attempted to show his daughter how she should be treated by a man when she starts dating for real. I think he succeed beyond his greatest expectations. Every girl deserves to be treated with respect and care. I'm so glad that he started to instill that demand in his daughter at such a young age. It's been said that we (girls) look for qualities in a partner that resemble our fathers. This dad is an admirable one, and should be held in that regard.