It's over, millions perhaps billions of dollars spent on the election of 2012. How did your candidate do? In the age of social media I laugh at some of the posts and tweets I see, half of them talk about how the world is going to end the other half happy as can be. Had the voting gone the other direction I would have seen the same post's and tweets. One thing that social media has been able to do is to let people express their opinion out in the open. Toward the end though, I did have to block a few "friends" because the posts for their candidate were coming fast and furious, now that the election is over I will start to let them back, I may still wait a few day's though!

During the entire political season, I was amazed at how divided everyone is. Like I said earlier, some are very happy today and others are planning for four miserable years. To those people I say, we all need to work together and stop bashing each other, even though when you do it on social media there is no face to face confrontation, and do what you can to support the greatest country in the world.

I do have to say being in the media business and being exposed to every political ad day in and day out, I certainly wont miss that and I may need another 4 years to prepare for that again!