It's said, "We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us, but what we forget is that paths are made by walking not waiting." And so, Joe Hurley, a retired newspaper reporter from Danbury, Conn. and Travis Lindhorst, professional photographer, decided to learn more about their home state by walking along Rt. 6 from town to town from Atlantic to Pacific. They discovered something very unusual along the way.

When Joe Hurley and his wife Pat entered the radio studio with a half dozen poster sized placards, he said he was aware this wasn't television but thought it might enhance the dialogue nonetheless. He said he dipped his hand into the chilly Atlantic Ocean near Provincetown and started his journey of 10 million steps to reach Long Beach, Calif., 3,600 miles away! But why? What did he encounter?

What Joe saw and the different people he met in the cities and small towns along Rt. 6 fill his book's pages with fascinating stories of real Americana. If it wasn't for Joe Hurley, I never would have known that Rt. 6 crosses our nation like other mother roads. But what he discovered along his journey will delight and entertain you.

Lots of books walk in and out of our lives. Ten Million Steps on Route 6 is one that will leave a footprint in your memory!

The book is available online at Call (860) 354-1389 to schedule an appearance with Joe Hurley.