Hannah Hart Invites You Into “My Drunk Kitchen” [VIDEO]
YouTube sensation Hannah Hart is one funny lady. She has millions of viewers online and now has a book called My Drunk Kitchen. She was with us the other day to tell us how it all got started. She was having a chat with a friend, spliced it all together in 2011 and it just exploded!
Wareham Police Release Details On Camardo Drive Incident
Wareham Police are releasing their side of the story as it pertains to a video seen on social media, of a town police officer allegedly slapping a 58-year-old woman in the face.
The Wareham Police Department says the two officers were called to 17 Camardo Drive Wednesday morning to investigate an aba…
YouTube April Fool’s Day Video
Youtube being the pranksters they are put together a video looking for the best video on the site!  Imagine, a team working for Youtube watching and voting on all of the video's and coming up with the best one?  An impossible task, or is it...