Turkish Military Says It’s In Charge
The Turkish military is claiming it's in charge of that country.
Tanks have been seen near the entrance of Ataturk Airport in Istanbul.
A witness there says all flights from the airport have been cancelled.
There have also been reports of jets and helicopters flying over the Turkish capital of Ank…
How Other Countries Celebrate the New Year
It’s New Year’s Eve! Do you have a special way to say goodbye to 2014? Checkout how the rest of the world rings in the new year with this list from Buzzfeed. Personally, I like the Brazilians the best =P
Wishing a Merry Christmas in January
January 6 is one of the most holy days for Christians around the world! For some, it's the day the three Wise Men finally saw the Baby Jesus in the manger. It's known as the Epiphany meaning the "manifestation of God." January 6 is also the day Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by Jo…