winter storm

Eversource Preparing For Significant Snow And Wind
The Mid-Atlantic states are being clobbered by a major snow storm. On Saturday, it could be our turn.
Some forecasters have said Southeastern Massachusetts will receive only a "glancing blow," but Eversource spokesman Mike Durand says the utility is preparing for a major storm.
Blizzard Warnings Up Along The South Coast and Eastern Mass.
Get ready.  The first "real" winter storm of 2015 is headed our way.  Blizzard warnings are in effect for eastern Massachusetts.  A major winter storm is about to bury Southern New England with up to two feet of snow.  Here's the latest from the Weather Channel:
The high confidence in forec…
First Snow Storm = First Snow Memes
With the first winter storm of 2015 bearing down on the SouthCoast today (although thankfully, it's more rain than snow), that means the first snow memes of 2015 are hitting social media.
Here is a collection of some of our favorites this morning:
Share Some Warmth Clothing Drive
WBSM is getting involved with Hathaway Family Funeral Homes and Bank Five to "Share Some Warmth.
The Annual warm clothing drive is going on now through December 10th. We are collecting NEW coats, outerwear, blankets, scarves, gloves, hats, pajamas and sweaters to be distributed throughout th…
Saturday Storm Cancellations
There is a parking ban in the City of New Bedford today beginning at 3 pm and running for 48 hours or until lifted by City officials.
Dartmouth has issued a 24-hour parking ban beginning at 6 pm. No parking on hydrant side of the street. If no hydrant, parking is allowed on the side of the street wit…
Winter Storm Pummels Northeast, Kills 13
At least 13 deaths have been blamed on a winter storm that dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in finger-numbing temperatures in parts of the Northeast.
    Light, fluffy snow meant an easier time digging out than it might have been Friday. The...

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