william keating

Keating Says Artifacts Bill Eliminates ISIS Revenue Source
Congressman William Keating announced on Friday that the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Prevent Trafficking in Cultural Property Act that would give law enforcement more tools to stop the trafficking of antiquities and other cultural objects that are being sold by ISIS.
Keating’s Bill Addresses Veteran’s Opioid Abuse
Congressman William Keating of Massachusetts is pushing legislation that would require all doctors in the Veterans Administration system to undergo pain medication education to lessen the over-prescribing of medication for seriously injured veterans...
EPA HIghlights Innovative Technology At Resolve Site
The Environmental Protection Agency is touting the technology being used at a 35 year old hazardous waste site in Dartmouth as a process that can work at sites around the nation.
E-P-A representatives and its partners toured the Resolve site on North Hixville Road on Monday and celebrated the ongoing…

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