[Richard] UMD And BCC Students Likely Face Tuition Hikes Again
Students of public higher education, already reeling from tuition and fee increases this year, can expect more of the same this Fall.
As the Baker Administration and state lawmakers prepare to grapple with a budget for the fiscal year that begins July1st, one thing appears likely, the cost of attendi…
Detained UMass Professors Release Statement
The two UMass Dartmouth professors of Iranian descent that were detained coming back from France over the weekend under President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration have released a statement through the university:
January 31, 2017
Statement from UMass Dartmouth professors Mazdak Tootkabon…
SMAST Researchers Tout Improvements to Fish Surveillance System
NEW BEDFORD - A research team at UMass Dartmouth's School for Marine Science and Technology has improved upon a new fish video surveillance system.
SMAST has been working on the technology for several years in order to get the most accurate count of fish possible for researchers conducting fish …
Shots Fired at UMass Dartmouth Early Sunday
Campus police are investigating after gunshots were fired at UMass Dartmouth early Sunday morning.
Campus police say initial reports of the gunshots were made around 3am Sunday in the campus' Cedar Dell area. Campus police responded, finding no evidence of gunshots...

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