‘Dancing With The Stars’ Season 16 Lineup Revealed
ABC announced the lineup for the latest season of 'Dancing With the Stars'.  There are a few surprises on the list. Ultimately, it seems like they have run out of 'stars', and have more gone to the athletes - who are always a little more successful and fun to watch.
Dave the Cat Loves To Watch Hockey [VIDEO]
I don't know if it's the high definition televisions or what, but ever since we have had one in my house my dog is always watching TV.  I have never noticed this before we got the Hi-Def set, she loves to watch when there are other animals on screen and she will jump up and try to cat…
Has ‘American Idol’ Run Its Course? [POLL]
'American Idol' is back -  did you watch?  I could only spend a couple of minutes with the show.  I know people love the audition phase of the show, seeing the silly people that show up and some of the good talent that makes it to the show.

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