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WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 30, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Massachusetts escaped the brunt of the storm, but damage is still done. Gov. patrick feels confident it will be cleaned up, and then we can assist other states.
- State transportation is slowly returning to normal, but some delays are still expected...
WBSM Newscast Morning October 30, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Deval Patrick says that work crews are out across the State evaluating the damage from Hurricane Sandy
- The hurricane gates in New Bedford are back ope to traffic
- Fatal car accident in Dartmouth on Monday, reconstruction team will be on the scene near Old Fall River Rd...
WBSM Newscast: Hurricane Sandy Special Edition
WBSM Top Stories:
- The latest on Hurricane Sandy and her affects on the Southcoast
- State officials are now very concerned with the high tides along the coast
- NSTAR reporting a number of power outages along the Southcoast. Westport being hit the hardest...
WBSM Newscast Morning October 29, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- New Bedford Mayor John Mitchell has declared a state of emergency for the City of New Bedford, while Governor Patrick has declared one state wide.
- A voluntary evacuation of the South End of New Bedford has been asked of the people who live there
- Governor Patrick gives his advice…
WBSM Newscast Evening October 26, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Massachusetts prepares for the approach of Hurricane Sandy.
- New Bedford mayor Jon Mitchell lays out the city preparedness plan
- More developments on the state drug lab scandal
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 26, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Lawyers for former Winter Hill Gang leader want his upcoming trial delayed another year
- The shot spotter system in New Bedford was activated early Friday morning
- Holocaust memorial at New Bedford's Buttonwood Park was vandalized
WBSM Newscast Evening October 25, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Seeing back up on the Fairhaven/New Bedford bridge. Cause is unknown, but reports say there may be a problem with the bridge itself
- South terminal maritime project is currently under review
- Scott Brown took his campaign to Fall River and Taunton today
WBSM Newscast Mid-Day October 25, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Governor Patrick is getting tough on State Utilities has they prepare for Hurricane Sandy's approach
- Scott Brown takes his campaign to Fall River
- Drug defendants are prepared to give their statements in district court today in regards to the state drug lab scandal...
WBSM Newscast Morning October 25, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- Weather conditions are being closely monitored as Hurricane Sandy approaches.
- Class is back in session at Bristol Community College after a bomb scare on Wednesday
- Downtown New Bedford Inc. is very happy with Downtown New Bedford, and hopes for the big year to continue...
WBSM Newscast Evening October 24, 2012
WBSM Top Stories:
- More developments have come out on the Massachusetts State lab scandal
- The situation at Bristol Community College campus in Fall River has been resolved, no bomb was found
- A Fall River man was chased down by New Bedford police for his involvement in a robbery

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